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Chef's Random Course 9200 yen

9200 yen

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  • 10items
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Full-course of eating deliciously using plenty of seasonal ingredients of commitment Easy to eat full full course,


★ Course content (10 items in total) ★

■ Amuse 3 items

■ Today's fresh fish carpaccio from Yaizu Port

■ warm appetizer

■ Hand-made pasta

■ One item of today's fresh fish from Yaizu Port

■ Granite of the revitalization

■ meat dishes

■ Tightened pasta

■ dessert

■ Cafe · Petit Fours

~ Course menu of one day ~

● 3 amusements of the day

● cold appetizer: Kanpachi carpaccio from Yaizu port

● Warm appetizers: Gallantina and Calcioffi from France

● Pasta dishes: Need di Rondineties (hand-cooked dishes with seasonal vegetables and various cheese packed in an oven)

● 1 dish of fresh fish today from Yaizu Port

● Granite for reviving

● Roasted red beef fillet from Kumamoto and red wine sauce from Kagoshima prefecture along with black truffle from Australia

● Italian Summer Porcini Linguine

● Espresso-flavored Bavarian and Miyazaki red meat melon's White Porto sake flavored

● Cafe · Petit Fours

* The menu may be changed depending on the purchase situation of the day.

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00
Available days for reservation
Tuesday - Friday and holidays

2018/07/11 update