• Wine list of Italian official sommelier and chef's pairing wine

      Italian certified professional sommelier wine list supervised by Mr. Ebike, you can have a selection of carefully selected Italian wine wines. We also recommend pairing wine to choose by chef's inspiration according to course cooking

    • Selected ingredients that feel my Italian cuisine and the season

      There are twenty states in Italy, cherishes the local cuisine made from each special product. Also, by taking advantage of the experience of practicing mainly in Northern Italy, I am trying to make true northern Italian cuisine made by the feelings of Italians. Fresh fish seafood from Suruga Bay is sent directly from a well-established fish store in Yaizu. Meat, Porcini and Truffles use domestic and selective ingredients from all over Europe, Vegetables, Organic Italian vegetables are sent directly from Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, my Ishii Farm.

    • Relaxing and relaxing space

      Chichibu 's woodworking artist, Mr. Koio Kubo, we have a table of domestic timber made of Enji, mountain cherry blossoms, and elm, feels good, handsome, kindness, warmth. Within the shop, the space of calmly European taste which unified with white spreads, you can enjoy classical & modern Italian cuisine. You can use it in a wide range of scenes including entertainment, anniversary, dinner party with important people. Also we will accept a limited number of ten people.